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AMP Beta 'TN/SR0' Release Notes

  • Last Post 20 April 2017
Mike posted this 30 March 2017 - Last edited 25 April 2017

TN/SR0 is the TITAN Stage release 0 - it's the first release based on the new TITAN codebase.

This release ultimately has a lot of TITANs new features, but not all usable just yet. The permissions/role management is still a WIP and not usable yet. There's also a tonne of bugfixes and QoL improvements.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.


  • Login screen now shows a message if logins were not successful.
  • Users must do a full login (rather than a 'remember me' login) if the AMP instance is restarted. This is required to allow AMP to open up each users secure storage region.
  • Fixed a bug where users couldn't change their password (all logins would fail afterwards, even with the correct password)
  • Experimental websockets support (disabled by default, available at the /stream endpoint) - no documentation yet.
  • API Documentation! Simply visit APIBrowser.html at your AMP instance to get documentation for all the plugins loaded.
  • The option to log authentication failures has been implemented (to allow use with Fail2Ban etc)
  • Upgraded to latest version of jQuery and KnockoutJS
  • UI has a new 'Prompt' method, same purpose as the JS 'prompt' but nicer
  • Temporarily removed the "End Session" button (not yet implemented)
  • Plugins can now implement new authentication providers, e.g. you could write a plugin that used a MySQL database as a datastore.
  • HTTPS mode now uses TLS 1.2 exclusively.
  • Application server component has been updated to the latest version.
  • All connections are properly closed when terminating the instance.

Theme Plugin

  • Now shipping!
  • Add ThemePlugin to your list of loaded plugins.
  • Add a Stylesheet.css (case sensitive!) to the ThemePlugin webroot directory and it'll load it on start up and won't be overwritten by updates.

File Manager Plugin

  • File editor now uses UTF8 encoding by default.
  • File editor now uses a deferred load so it won't fall over on slow connections.

Instance Manager

  • (Plugin) Now handles the situation where you login as root and 'su' to another user better.
  • (Plugin) Errors if you try and specify an invalid module.
  • (Plugin) Datastore is reloaded before making changes to try and avoid conflicts (e.g. when ADS and the IM are both in use at once)
  • (Plugin) Most operations reference instances by their ID now instead of by-ref.
  • (Plugin) The initial licence check when creating an instance is now made using the same IP binding as the one specified for the instance.
  • (CLI) Warns if the user name and user ID don't match.
  • (CLI) Fixed a bug where not specifying optional arguments would stop a command from working.

Space Engineers Module

  • Fixed a bug on first-time startup when a relative path is used instead of absolute for the data directory causes wrong paths to be used.
  • Refactored to use the standard AppServerBase impl.

ARMA3 Module

  • Updated to meet changes to how ARMA3 handles RCON, now adds an extra setting for the RCON port.

Rust Module

  • Updated URL for Oxide Mod.
  • Refactored to use the standard AppServerBase impl.

ARK Module

  • No longer crashes when the server is stopped.

SteamCMD plugin (Applies to: srcds Module)

  • Added a schedulable task to check for updates for the current game. You can use the scheduler to invoke this on say a daily basis. It's recommended you don't run this too often! (Experimental, may be unreliable)
  • Added a scheduleable event that's triggered when an update is determined to be available (as a result of performing a check, see above)
  • Added a schedulable task to update the current game server. You can run this in response to the previous event being fired.
  • Fixed a bug where a 'failed' update task would hang around.

File Manager

  • The entire listing area is now a drop area for uploads, not just the area that has listing items in it.

AMPCA (Win32 Console Assistant)

  • Now supports 'long buffering' for use with tools that perform massive writes directly to a console buffer in one go. Update

This was a hotfix to address some new issues that cropped up in 1468 and mostly focuses on the instance manager and ADS to make creating instances work properly again.

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Order By: Standard | Newest | Votes posted this 30 March 2017

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out! :)

Mike posted this 30 March 2017

There was an issue with the original release of this version (a change was included that wasn't supposed to be there) - Delete your AMPCache files (they're in the .ampdata directory) and re-update - you should be fine. Same goes for the IM, just grab a new version.

MrKuma posted this 30 March 2017

The server stop button for ARK works! I am so happy! Also, AMP feels more responsive, or is it just me.


Kakifrucht posted this 31 March 2017

Great! Seems like the password change issues are gone for good! It would be nice to get some better Lastpass auto fill support, if that is somehow achievable. Right now it doesn't fill out anything.

Mike posted this 31 March 2017

From their documentation it doesn't look like LastPass can handle AJAX based logins, since AMP uses its API for logins then there's not much that can be done about this.

Havocness_Reborn posted this 07 April 2017

hello i mew to this mcmyadmin i have the server running but for some reason when i drag my plugins into the files called minecraft ad then plugins. then i start up the server it does not work

the tab plugins has all the plugins in it and in the plugin folder also has it. plz i need help if u have a Skype that would be grate

hlbjoker posted this 11 April 2017 - Last edited 12 April 2017

Hello. I just updated to the new version and now when I try to log in, I just get the spinning circle at the login screen and can not get to the control panel. Any help would be great as I need to get this server back on line ASAP as I have a Twitch streamer that goes live here soon and he can not access the server. Here are the last few lines of the log as a system is still trying to log in:

[18:47:21] [GSMyAdmin:Core Activity] : Authentication attempt for user from [18:47:31] [GSMyAdmin:Core Activity] : Authentication attempt for user Admin from [18:56:44] [GSMyAdmin:Core Activity] : Authentication attempt for user Admin from [18:57:05] [GSMyAdmin:Core Activity] : Authentication attempt for user Admin from

Mike posted this 12 April 2017

Empty your browser cache and close all open browser windows and background processes.

Faxed posted this 13 April 2017

Empty your browser cache and close all open browser windows and background processes.

To be fair, even when you do that, it still occurs from time to time - You literally have to spam refresh to get through, at times.

Lyvondria posted this 20 April 2017

How do I update to the newest version without losing my instances?

Mike posted this 20 April 2017

You just use the update command in the instance manager.

Lyvondria posted this 20 April 2017

Is it: ./ampinstmgr -p ?