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AMP - Gmail config?

  • Last Post 02 March 2017
strange posted this 29 January 2017

I'm trying to set up a task to send an email via Gmail SMTP.

Should clicking 'test settings' do anything?

I've tried both unauthenticated (via the unauthenticated server) and the normal, SSL, 465, app-specific password (alphabetic only), and test settings does nothing, nor does the task appear to trigger.


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strange posted this 12 February 2017

Bump :/

Anyone got the email sending working? Ideally via gmail smtp...

Mike posted this 12 February 2017

Have you set an email address for your user?

strange posted this 13 February 2017 - Last edited 13 February 2017

In 'user management'? No, turns out I don't - needed I presume?

Added email to my profile, still no response on 'test settings', nor emails received per schedule :/

zanetheinsane posted this 02 March 2017

Has anyone else had any success with this? What does the "Test Settings" do? I assume it sends an email to the email address of your current user?

Mike posted this 02 March 2017

It's supposed to but it's not working right at the moment, the task gets ended prematurely before it can actually send the email. Looking into it.