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Amp instance shutting down?

  • Last Post 09 April 2017
Bi0Ph34r posted this 08 April 2017

I have an amp instance shut down after 3 days on one server, another it does every once in a while. I would like to know what could possibly cause the issue? If it shuts down just the server it seems to restart because I select restart on errors. But if the instance itself shuts down it takes the panel and server offline till I go into the amp instance manager and start instance for that server.

I am on latest instance manager and instances windows 2012 and I have it all controlled on an ovh game server rack

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Mike posted this 09 April 2017

Anything in the log file?

Bi0Ph34r posted this 09 April 2017

this was the last logs before shutting off this morning on the one.

Mike posted this 09 April 2017

Looks like an issue with sleep mode, disable that for the time being.

Bi0Ph34r posted this 09 April 2017

That makes sense. One server I am on 24-7 except for ovh ddos issues and another I don't go on but it must not happen all the time because it takes at least 2 days before it shuts down completely.