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AMP - IPv4 changed, no more web interface (need help)

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MononkBob posted this 12 May 2017


I recently moved my setup to a different room and my internal IP changed. My router is not good at managing DHCP, it changed from .102 to 101. For some reason I can't get internet from the host computer when I enter manual settings to put it back to 102 even if no other machine on the network is using that ip and I don't have a lot of free time for troubleshooting so I decided to keep the ip that ends with 101.

When I started the AMP Instance Manager I noticed that my instance was still binding to 102, so I went in the "instances.json" config file and changed the ip in there to 101.

Now my minecraft server is working fine and starts with Windows but I can't get the server management web page to show up. When I enter the new ip adress in the browser it times out.

My question is: Is there something else I have to change to get it to work? I don't want to delete my instance and create a new one just because the ip changed.

It's probably something simple but I just started using this program so I don't know much about how it works.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

  • Bobby

PS: I did change the port forward in my router from 102 to 101 and all executables AMP uses are whitelisted in Windows Firewall for all ports on public and private networks.

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Mike posted this 12 May 2017

Change your binding in AMPConfig.conf to, unless you've got multiple interfaces you should leave it as the default.

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MononkBob posted this 12 May 2017

Thanks! It works now.