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AMP Network Edition is now available!

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Mike posted this 21 January 2016 - Last edited 21 January 2016

AMP Network Edition is an affordable way to bulk licence larger numbers of servers for use within server networks.

The two options are either:

  • A one-time payment of £50 GBP for up to 50 server instances.
  • A monthly subscription of £15 GBP/mo for unlimited instances and priority support.

There are a few main points to bare in mind:

  • You can't sell servers running on Network licences (Enterprise is required for that)
  • You can't host servers for friends or family based on Network, even if you're not charging for it. The instances are only for use within a network of servers.
  • Licence usage is audited and you may be asked to account for your instance usage.

But for private and public networks and communities with lots of game servers, this will be a very affordable way to manage all your servers.

Buy now from

Full terms at

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JohnPark13 posted this 13 November 2016

Wait? Is it like... a new ADS Instance where I can monitor other instances or... just a license where I create 50 instances?

Mike posted this 13 November 2016

ADS is a module that lets you create and manage other instances, but the number you can create depends on the licence type you have.

tony199555 posted this 24 January 2017

After reading the terms on TOS and here carefully, I am still very confused. Can you list some specific use cases that this license will be suited? Thanks.

PiecesOfMieces posted this 07 February 2017

Will using this license allow running multiple public/private servers for a gaming clan/community? Or does that fall under the friends and family thing?

Mike posted this 07 February 2017

PiecesOfMieces, gaming clans and communities are exactly what it's for. What you can't do is act like a free server host for friends/family who'd ordinarily need their own copy of AMP.

DreadPirate posted this 25 May 2017 - Last edited 26 May 2017


My apologies for not understanding the terms. I run a lot of different game services for our gaming community. But I also run game services for Friends and Family that are not a part of the Gaming Community... from what I read it sounds like I cannot use this license type.

If I own the server underlying, no one else accesses it, can I use Network Edition to make Game servers for my Community, Friends and Family? What are the restrictions?

I may just be dense, but I can't understand the differences from reading the TOS and I want to make sure I continue to purchase the proper license types.

Thank you.