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AMP 'Tethys' has been released.

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Mike posted this 21 January 2016

AMP has been released. It's planned for this to be the last release of the Tethys branch before moving onto the next code name as part of the next major release - exciting!

Change log below, let us know how you get on in the comments.


  • Added the ability for setting descriptions to include hyperlinks.

AMP Instance Manager / ADS (Linux)

  • AMP instances and their associated game server are ended gracefully instead of killed. You can trigger this outside of AIM/ADS by sending a SIGUSR1 to the AMP process.


  • Fixed a potential infinite loop if an update fails after hitting 'start'.
  • Added a "Restart if empty" schedulable task.
  • Updated the 'kill' button to use the player name instead of their UUID.
  • Addressed thread-spinning issues by swapping out callbacks for tasks.
  • Added 'Craftbukkit' to the list of server types that can be automatically installed (via Spigot Buildtools)
  • Installing FTB on Windows is more reliable and no longer results in AMP having to change its working directory.


  • Addressed RCON not connecting if the server takes too long to start. Requires the VAC is enabled.
  • Added the ability to specify a GSLT token for servers that require it (Like CS GO)

AMP Service Handler (Windows)

  • When using the -createUser flag, the created user is spawned with restricted permissions to disallow login and only be able to run services.
  • Fixed services created with -createUser having the wrong authentication details.
  • Fixed a bug where the service may fail to uninstall properly.

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Spartan-196 posted this 26 January 2016

Is there a command line switch available to get AMP core to update to the latest? Looking for a way to script the update process when new versions are released.

Mike posted this 26 January 2016 - Last edited 26 January 2016

The instance manager can do it. In the latest version you just do ./ampinstmgr -p and it'll update all the instances to the latest version.

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Spartan-196 posted this 26 January 2016

Thanks for the quick reply. I did have to update my instance manager ./ampinstmgr -p to do the trick for me.

I guess I phrased my question wrong. What is the recommended method to keep both the instance manger and the instances up-to-date?

Mike posted this 26 January 2016

Right now, just to use -p when updates are announced. There'll be an auto-update mechanism in a future version.