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Cant start 2 CSGO Instance

  • Last Post 12 February 2017
ItsJokaful posted this 11 February 2017 - Last edited 11 February 2017

Hello, i cant start a secound CSGO (srcds) instance.

here the last logs

[22:16:47] [srcdsModule:Core Debug] : Arguments: -game csgo -console -usercon +sv_pure 1 +map de_dust2 +maxplayers 10 +rcon_password XX -ip -port 27014 +log on +logaddress_add -tickrate 128 +sv_setsteamaccount XXXX -net_port_try 1 +gametype 0 +gamemode 1 +mapgroup mg_active
[22:16:47] [srcdsModule:Core Debug] : Using Win32 console assistant.

the servers have different ports


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Mike posted this 11 February 2017

Can you start a different type of srcds server as the second instance?

ItsJokaful posted this 11 February 2017

Yes Garrys Mod

ItsJokaful posted this 12 February 2017 - Last edited 12 February 2017

What is now actually with the error "CS: GO Gamemode" It always chooses casual.

The error I have also found AMP write: +gametype 0 +gamemode 1

but "+gametype 0 +gamemode 1" this is right (Can i change this self in a CFG ?? Because otherwise brings me the server nothing)

Other Error

When I enter the Game Server Account Token (GSLT) at the config and start the server and already another server is online works not. ---> Is a AMP bug not a SRCDS bug.

Temp solution enter image description here