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Feedback / Console doesn't clear

  • Last Post 18 May 2017
Kakifrucht posted this 16 May 2017 - Last edited 16 May 2017

Hi there!

decided to pull through and use AMP in production, and I generally like it much more than McMyAdmin.

However I still came across a couple of issues:

  • Console becomes laggy, as it doesn't seem to clear old entries automatically
  • Playerlist in console seems buggy, shows players who aren't online and vice versa
    • Sometimes randomly clears or only shows half the players?
    • Also doesn't show up on mobile at all
  • Whitelist editor sometimes buggy aswell, doesn't always remove players
  • Keep logged in doesn't work at all, and would be nice to have it toggleable to not check the IP address, as I have a dynamic one and would like for it to log in even then

And I know you said that there isn't much you can do about LastPass, but the thing is that it has worked fine with earlier betas of AMP, after manually clicking on the password button on the field it did fill in both username and password. Now you need to do it manually for both fields, and weirdly, in ADS it doesn't work at all.

Other than that I really like it! Good job.


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Mike posted this 16 May 2017

The console is a known issue, it's being changed soon as it's switching to being websocket based and it'll only keep the most recent entries. Same goes for the player list which uses the polling-based notification system to update.

For remembering logins there's a setting in AMPConfig.conf called "AllowInsecureMatching" which skips checking the IP address - but in the next update enabling this will make HTTPS mandatory.

Kakifrucht posted this 16 May 2017

What about HTTPS through proxy?

Mike posted this 16 May 2017

You can do that in addition, but AMPs own webserver must be in HTTPS-only mode as well.

synik4l posted this 18 May 2017

To add to all of this. I really want to be able to hit up. Like in a server console. To be able to quickly change the commands. Also would be nice if there was a dropdown on the left that said "Say" and "command". So that if you are just trying to talk to people. You dont have to continuously type say before everything. Also currently it jumps to the bottom everytime there is a new entry in the log. I find this super annoying as sometimes I want to start the server and scroll back up to see if anything failed to load or threw any errors. With that said my console clears just fine...

Mike posted this 18 May 2017 - Last edited 18 May 2017

If you move the mouse cursor over the console it'll stop scrolling. It keeps the most recent 4000 entries and cycles beyond that.