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McMyAdmin3 Have much bugs - McMyAdmin 2 is better

  • Last Post 16 February 2017
joelmoreira108 posted this 06 February 2017 - Last edited 06 February 2017

I have an MCMA2 and MCMA3 licences, and MCMA2 is better because Works better, do not create stacks, easier installation, and simpler to use and AMP / MCMA3 has many errors that would not let me create my minecraft server, I love McMyAdmin2

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Mike posted this 06 February 2017

Could you be specific about what issues you ran into? We can't address concerns that we don't have good information for.

joelmoreira108 posted this 11 February 2017 - Last edited 11 February 2017

Hi, Sorry for not giving detailed information, Using an AMP license on Debian 8 server when I try to run an instance that mcmyadmin can not start, to start it is necessary to press the update button and quickly the start button, but it is impossible to access the instance mcmyadmin, and try to change the ports but it did not work either, try installing AMP in 3 Vps other than 6gb ram, but it did not work, I hope this helps to correct some error, thanks, mcmyadmin 2 is excellent.

Mike posted this 11 February 2017

You're probably using the wrong licence types. AMP licences use the Minecraft module, not the McMyAdmin one.

joelmoreira108 posted this 16 February 2017 - Last edited 16 February 2017

I use ./ampinstmgr CreateInstance ADS ADSInstance 8080 (AMP licence) password +Core.Login.Username username, and from the panel i create mcmyadmin, minecraft, ark instances and can't start, I do not know if I'm doing something wrong, is there any video tutorial on youtube?

Mike posted this 16 February 2017 - Last edited 16 February 2017

Check the logs for the instances you've created, they'll tell you what's wrong.

Also the McMyAdmin module type is only for use with McMyAdmin 2 keys, you use the Minecraft module if you have an AMP key.

I also recommend hopping into the Discord channel if you need more detailed assistance.

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joelmoreira108 posted this 16 February 2017

Thanks for you help ;)