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more than one server on mcmyadmin

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CCLeveth posted this 13 March 2017

H im setting up a small community with more than one server and i was wondering how i could add my other servers to mcmyadmin

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Mike posted this 13 March 2017

If its McMyAdmin 2 you need to install multiple copies. For MCMA3 you create extra instances via the instance manager.

LordMortus posted this 26 March 2017

Ok, I'm a little confused :)

I'm fairly new to Linux (have some understanding) and have 4 MCMA2 Licenses

I'm trying to use AMP on openSUSE and can't figure out how to add another instance. Using the command line to create a new instance I change the MCMA to MCMA2 assuming that doesn't cause an instance coliision

./ampinstmgr CreateInstance McMyAdmin MCMA2 8080 [LicenceKey] [Password] +Core.Login.Username [Username]

I assume I use the same Password and Username

What I get after this is "Got a SIGABRT while executing native code. THe suually indicates a fatal error in the mono runtime or one of the native libraries used by your application.

Mike posted this 26 March 2017

Have you got something else on port 8080? Each instance needs its own port.

Also check you haven't got any OS updates pending. Also OpenSUSE isn't a tested distro so you may have some fun there, Debian/Ubuntu or CentOS based distros are recommended.

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LordMortus posted this 26 March 2017

Thanks for the reply, I was thinking about the ports myself.. that's probably the issue.

FYI, the first instance works just fine, so I guess this is a good start for openSUSE :)

LordMortus posted this 26 March 2017

Just an update:

Changing the port and the +Core.Login.Username worked.. Changed the Username to MCMA2 for the second instance. I'm going to assume the third will need to be different as well.. But, 8081 and MCMA2 works.

Thanks again for the help.