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  • Last Post 15 April 2017
altimitmine posted this 15 April 2017

Would it be possible for AMP to allow us to re-import settings from into the AMP WebUI? This could be useful for importing other servers or manual edits.

With SR0, I copied servers I manually ran over into the system, and while they ran fine, the configuration in AMP was wrong.

An example: Max Users was 20 on server, but reported the default 10 in AMP, I had to change it in AMP just to syncronize it.

2nd example: Another server I imported had the IP in server.properies, and AMP is on a different IP. The server failed to start, but AMP was reporting "" as the IP. I had to change it to and back again to get it to update

An option to read back and update the AMP's cache of the config at the user's request could be beneficial.


Mike posted this 15 April 2017

This isn't currently planned for the most part, since AMP is designed to be the authority on what settings are being applied to the server.

There might be an option for a one-time import, but there's not going to be a two-way sync unless someone wants to write a plugin just to do that.