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Service not starting on computer boot

  • Last Post 16 May 2017
IterationFunk posted this 16 May 2017

OS: W10 Pro, build 14393

The service works just fine, installed it according to the service readme notes (and uninstalled a few times since I could not get it working. I tried setting it to startup type automatic (instead of Manual) but that did not start it on boot either. I would be happy to add more information to this post but I'm not sure what is relevant right now.


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IterationFunk posted this 16 May 2017 - Last edited 16 May 2017

Update, found this in the event log:

The system has returned from a low power state.

Sleep Time: ‎2017‎-‎05‎-‎16T11:26:55.447670000Z
Wake Time: ‎2017‎-‎05‎-‎16T11:28:09.975131400Z

Wake Source: Unknown

It's highly likely that the system is not performing a regular boot at this point.

UPDATE: Removed fast startup and sleep from the shut down button settings in windows. It now boots normally and McMyAdmin does start.

Mike posted this 16 May 2017

Thanks for the update. That's interesting, I didn't realise those settings would affect services. I'll have a look at how the AMP service handles changes in power state.