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Some more information on Status?

  • Last Post 19 April 2017
alexandra11 posted this 17 April 2016 - Last edited 17 April 2016

Hi there! I had been thinking of ways to know about the status of my server, and I'd love to see more on Status page. I see how Status page is really, having some blank spaces and it's too uncomfortable to see nothing but just a graph with an information of the server upkeep and limited player slots info, and then the buttons to Stop, Start, Restart, Kill, Abort, etc.

What if that's changed? The Status Page has more than that, and also customizable. We can show information on Status, and remove or add stuff that would let us know, however we won't be able to remove the main thing which is the buttons and the information of the server (CPU, Memory usage, etc.)

That would be a great thing if more stuff are added on Status, and better if Customizable.

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Akaitatsu posted this 19 April 2017

More specifically, I would like to see the last execution result for all my scheduled tasks and maybe when they were going to run again next time. Even better, have the last execution result link to the pertinent log entries for that task.

Mike posted this 19 April 2017

The status page is definitely something we want to change, right now we're focusing on the deployment system to get ready for Enterprise usage, but the status page will definitely get some love.

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