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SpaceEngineers Block limitations

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ShadowRaven posted this 11 February 2017

Hey, today I set up a SE server with AMP and noticed there was no option to add block limitations thru the GUI. I tried adding them to the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg but AMP overwrites this file on every startup. As this is an important setting, I'd really like to see this option in the GUI or for now at least in the SpaceEngineersModule.kvp.
Right now I have to run the server without AMP because I found no way to implement the block limitations but can't run the server without it. Another minor mistake I noticed is the "Asteroid Amount" setting being located in the Network Settings tab instead of the Game Settings tab.
Anotherthing I'd like to see implemented in the GUI is the "Config.WorldName" and "Config.LoadWorld" as this would make it way easier to chenge the world name. Maybe it would be a good idea to fuse those two options in the GUI.
The most important thing for me would be the implementation of the block limitations as I can't really use AMP at the moment though I'd really like to. Your work is much apprecitated!

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Mike posted this 11 February 2017

It's going to come soon. AMP recently got support for lists in its user interface so coming next is key:value pairs which is needed for the block limitations.

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ShadowRaven posted this 11 February 2017

That's nice to hear! Does that mean it's scheduled for the next update?

Mike posted this 11 February 2017

It's not scheduled for a specific version yet.

ShadowRaven posted this 13 February 2017

I have one more request thou:
Currently there are many SessionSettings missing in the GUI or SpaceEngineersModule.kvp which makes it impossible to run the server with all its features. Here is a list of settings I found missing (hope it saves you some time maybe):
Setting : Location[GUI/.kvp only]

  • MaxBackupSaves: GUI
  • MaxGridSize: GUI
  • MaxBlocksPerPlayer: GUI
  • EnableRemoteBlockRemoval: GUI
  • EnableOxygenPressurization: GUI
  • Enable3rdPersonView: GUI
  • EnableEncounters: GUI
  • EnableFlora: GUI
  • FloraDensity: .kvp
  • FloraDensityMultiplier: .kvp
  • EnableConvertToStation: GUI
  • StationVoxelSupport: GUI
  • EnableSunRotation: GUI
  • SunRotationIntervalMinutes: GUI
  • EnableRespawnShips: GUI
  • Scenario: GUI
  • ScenarioEditMode: GUI
  • CanJoinRunning: .kvp
  • EnableJetpack: GUI
  • PhysicsIterations: .kvp
  • SpawnWithTools: GUI
  • StartInRespawnScreen: GUI
  • EnableVoxelDestruction: GUI
  • EnableDrones: GUI
  • MaxDrones: GUI
  • EnableWolfs: GUI
  • EnableSpiders: GUI
  • EnableStructuralSimulation: .kvp
  • MaxActiveFracturePieces: .kvp
  • EnableBlockLimits: GUI
  • BlockTypeLimits: GUI (needs key:value format)

Another possibility would be an option somehere to disable AMP overwriting an existing SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg so you can set the values yourself in the file, which would be usefull for othere modules as well as those options often change and you might not be able to keep up with the game developers.
Really looking foreward to a fix :D

Mike posted this 14 February 2017 - Last edited 14 February 2017

enter image description here

Recently added KVP support for use by things like the block limits :)

ShadowRaven posted this 14 February 2017 - Last edited 14 February 2017

Awesome, can't wait to see this implemented! But don't forget to add all the other settings please :P