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srcds issues.

  • Last Post 12 May 2017
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Brian posted this 12 May 2017

I am trying to create a Garry's Mod server. I am having some issues though on the subject. When managing the panel I see enter image description here

and when clicking Abort it has issues thrown from core when killing a process.

How do I extend the RAM and actually get the server running. I have changed the slots and ports in which the server is to start yet console produces nothing.

(Note: I am running a Garry's Mod server already perfectly fine without the panel and it has a largish playerbase but I wanted to test out this panel for another Garry's Mod server I had in mind. This means I know for sure that I Have everything needed installed to runi one.)

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Mike posted this 12 May 2017

There's a bug in AMP that stops any srcds servers starting under Linux, it's sorted for the next update.

Brian posted this 12 May 2017

When is the next update?

Mike posted this 12 May 2017

'Soon' (TM)