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Windows or Linux?

  • Last Post 18 June 2017
tohadlock posted this 17 June 2017

So, which is the best OS to use for hosting McMyAdmin and several Minecraft (spigot, etc..) servers that work with all the features? I am finding that Windows needs a few extra installations such as GIT or BASH which may or may not be available for Windows.

Anyway, just want to setup servers for my son and his pack of friends.

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Mike posted this 17 June 2017

Whichever you're more comfortable with, there's not much in it. There's documentation about sorting out Git/Bash for Windows here:

tohadlock posted this 18 June 2017

So, one thing I am noticing is the Windows version has downloaded Minecraft spigot version 1.12 while the Linux version has downloaded 1.11.2. I have tried changing the release stream but that doesn't seem to have helped. Not sure what's different.

Mike posted this 18 June 2017

That's down to the spigot buildtools, it probably fetches different versions depending on the OS. You'd have to ask the Spigot guys about that.